FIGHT your way against an army of evil robots in this steampunk arena! Be the one with the most kills, but be careful! Your weapon maybe dangerous...

Left-click - Shooting

Made in 4 days for BlackthornProd Game Jam #3
Made with Unity, Aseprite, Bosca Ceoil, etc.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Robots, Steampunk, Top-Down, Top down shooter


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Simple and difficult. I enjoyed the tileset and the scope is appropriate for a jam.

Wow, I was thinking that was only your ammo bar...
Good game, I like this one

Gameplay is smooth, less you shoot more health you have idea fits the theme i guess. There is a bug when you once push  an enemy he continuesly go the way you push him. This bug happens rarely though.

Overall good game :)

nice game but the concept should be changed a little to fit game jam theme. Like have swapping between weapons and the more weapons you use the enemies get more aggressive. Overall good game. 

nice and easy game...

nothing special, doesnt fit to the game jam theme but good work nevertheless :)

nice but i think the gun doesnt shoot directly at your cursor sometimes